Clearview Windscreen Wiper

The idea for the wiper was born of a comment by an American mining engineer, who was at Mount Thorley mine in NSW Australia a few years ago on the flip program. He said if someone could make a wiper system for a dragline that could handle the snow and ice back home in Colorado they would be on a winner.
Over a number of years many ideas of how this could be achieved were considered and dismissed until Frank Ferraro Snr from F&S Group came up with the design for the Clearview Windscreen Wiper we have today.

Simplicity, Safety and Reliability are the key to this system. By using the robust 12 volt Pico controller from Alan Bradley there are no dangerous voltages present and the low power draw allows it to be connected to the existing 12 volt supply used for two way and broadcast radio. The use of proximity switches removes problems that a dusty environment will cause and the drive system is robust and very low maintenance.